Well bascially this is what happened... Everyone was telling me about their own blogs so i said what the hell.. Now i have my own blog... End Of Story!



Hey Peeps,

My anticipated return has finally dawned upon thee my loyal readers and faithfull subjects. Where have I been lost since my last post on 9/11 you ask? Well simply between the stresses and strains of fasting and ever increasing work life I just couldn’t find myself the time to write these mindless ramblings.

Anyways this post comes after what I call the best weekend in my life ever. What about this past weekend is so great that I dubbed it my best ever? Well my country won the world cup rugby dominating the tournament and cleaning up at the awards ceremony thereafter. Furthermore, the Formula One season has come to a close with my favourite driver the finnish iceman, Kimi Raikkonen unexpectedly taking the championship after Lewis Hamilton looked poised to take it at the beginning of the race. I also managed to spend my days with the people that matter in my life.

So all in all that makes a pretty damn good weekend if I may say so!

Take care,

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